Healthy skin nurtured by a drop of “Tane no Shizuku” or, oil produced from plant seeds

SOL. (Seed oil LAB.) is a simple and healthy skin care oil brand for everyone who focuses on trying to stay active in every-day life. We develop skin care products so that everyone, from small children to adults, can live their lives with less concerns on possible skin problems. Our pesticides-free Camellia sinensis and other plant seeds are cold pressed to make natural and healthy oil with vibrant aroma of the nature. Natural ingredients of our oil help to nurture and protect your healthy skin.


  • Camellia sinensis seed oil – focus on excellent nutrients

    At Seed oil LAB., we pick and gather tea seeds by hand, cold press them, and produce skin care oil, moisturizing balm, tea seed meal detergent, and dietary oil. Camellia sinensis seed oil has the similar fatty acid composition as olive oil but contains some five times as much vitamin E (α-tocopherol) as olive oil. Because of both the fatty acid composition and the functional constituent, Camellia sinensis seed oil can be used as cosmetics, cosmetics ingredients as well as food.

  • Contributing to the sustainable development from tea garden

    Japan has a long history of tea cultivation. Recently, however, we see more and more disused tea gardens even in the famous tea-farming regions. They are neglected due to weak leaf prices, aging of tea-farmers, lack of tea garden successors, and other various reasons. Interestingly, you find lots of tea flowers and seeds, which you will seldom find in cultivated tea gardens, in those neglected tea fields. Now the disused tea gardens make a good source of natural raw materials.
    In producing oil out from the tea seeds, we work with local social welfare council and corporations. Tea seed husk, a by-product, is upcycled as natural dye for vegetable-dying. Tea seed meal can be used as a natural detergent. By utilizing whole tea seed, we contribute to achieving the goals of Sustainable Development Goals.

    Goal 8 : Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
    Goal 12 : Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
    Goal 15 : Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems...


From left to right: SOL. Tea Seed Skin Care Oil, Tea Seed Balm, Tea Seed Oil Meal

TEA SEED Skincare oil

10mL / 4,400円

Safe and healthy skin care oil made from 100% domestic and natural craft oil "Tane no Shizuku".


5g / 1,210円

Safe and healthy skin care oil made from 100% domestic and natural craft oil "Tane no Shizuku".

TEA SEED Skincare oil SOAP

90g / 2,860円〜

Skin care soap made from 100% domestic and natural craft oil "Tane no Shizuku".


30g(ティーバッグ 2.5g × 12)/ 972円

Organic / Japanese Native tea Grawing in Gifu, Kasuga, Japan.



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